International partners wanted

We hope to cooperate with prospective international partners to achive our social goals.

We are ready to cooperate with prospective partnerr appicants all over the world.

A vibrant network of local partners is vital to our aim of helping social enterprise reach its full potential as force for positive social change. Within our vision of a social enterprise ecosystem, they play a key role.
  • They are a distribution channel for our vision that builds the field.
  • They are the driving force in mobilizing state and local public policy initiatives.
  • Collectively, they represent an aggregatable constituency for our national public policy initiatives.
  • They raise awareness of social enterprise among local funders and corporate partners.
  • They expand local markets and procurement opportunities for social enterprise.
  • They identify and assist many early stage social enterprisers who might not otherwise come to light.
  • They add substantial member value by satisfying members’ desire for local communities and networks of fellow social enterprisers.
  • They provide a national footprint for GoodwillCoffee that supports our field leadership role.
  • They provide rapid feedback and response on key social enterprise queries and initiatives.
  • They attract new members to GoodwillCoffee.