Who are we?

Who we are?

GoodwillCoffee.org is the start-up organization for the diverse and rapidly growing social enterprise sector in the World.

Our goal is nothing less than changing the world for the common good through a cup of coffee we enjoy everyday. It is not a secret that social, environmental and human concerns seemingly insurmountable grow much faster than the ability of traditional sectors to address them. We envision a world in which these thorny problems are overcome, and we see social enterprise as very probably the single most promising vehicle to do.

Our mission is to produce massive social value via GoodwillCoffee.org success. At the heart of everything we do, it is our understanding that the direct social impact we seek can be delivered daily through our simple change in our habit of enjoying coffee. 

We serve our membership of the participants, companies, service providers, investors, businesses, government officials, academics and researchers: providing information, research, best practices and capacity building; recount stories and aggregation of the impact of social enterprises, creating a fertile social ecosystem of the company through advocacy and awareness, and building communities of local social enterprises successful and national networks.

Ultimately, all our work is to help our partners go ahead and change the world through the sheer number of business models of coffee, they invent and develop.

We believe that GoodwillCoffee.org for this cause can take the first step to change the world across our helping network.

Secretaty General: jaynam@goodwillcoffee.org